The last decade has seen some of the most turbulent times in the history of global finance. Many would say that the lack of regulation and corporate responsibility in the West was a major cause.

Interestingly, before this happened, Saudi Arabia was already pro-actively focussing on regulation in the capital markets to help consolidate the country’s position as the economic powerhouse in the region.

As an independent authority supervising regulation of the Saudi capital markets, the CMA needs to be seen to be clear, fair, transparent and strong. But at the same time, in a country where 96% of investors are individuals (as opposed to institutions), it has an important role to play in education as well as the protection of all parties.

Bluesky worked directly with the Chairman of the CMA who championed the brand transformation himself. The result was a coherent and consistent brand execution across all the touchpoints.

Even the design for the new CMA headquarters building – the tallest building in Riyadh – was built directly on the brand platform. In turn, this became by default part of the architectural language for the whole of the King Abdullah Financial District.